Dash Marshall


The Museum of Modern Art


Craighton Berman

What do changes in philanthropy and society at large mean for an art museum? As giving changes, how will art museums evolve?

The Modern Museum of Art asked us to help them think through these questions, which we did by hosting a design workshop with a diverse group of internal stakeholders.

We guided the group through a session to bubble up latent opportunities, surface potential challenges, and ultimately create a portfolio of 18 ideas that included new products, services, and internal policies.

The museum is now developing these ideas internally.

Starting points

Though the outcomes of this session are confidential, at a high level we were exploring the following questions:

What unique assets does the Museum have to tell its story? As we seek to demonstrate value in the 21st century, how will different forms of value (social, environmental, financial, curatorial, etc) be expressed?

How could the museum make memberships feel more participatory? How could the Museum’s educational resources be used to invite people into an ongoing conversation with the museum?

How might one enable individuals to engage in the evolving story of the Museum, slowly building a relationship over time? What role might digital media play here?